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Life is a Dream

an autosacramental by Pedro Calderon de la Barca
translated by George Drance and Afredo Galvan

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Welcome to the "Life is a Dream" Homepage. This page will give you information about Calderon's 1677 mystery play about the creation of the universe.
Many people know Calderon for his 1636 masterpiece, a court drama/comedia also entitled "Life is a Dream". Forty years later, he wrote a spiritual allegory based on the themes of his earlier play. This became his "autosacramental" a genre of theatre performed on the feast of Corpus Christi.

This fascinating play was only recently translated into English. Click on the other pages listed in the menu bar located above and left of the picture for more photos, excerpts from the text and critical reviews of this production which embodies some of the beauty of Calderon's mystical imagination.

Catherdral of St.John the Divine in New York City